Friday, January 06, 2006

A new blog, a new game

Check out my latest progect, an amazing TIRPTBA! It is the latest in gaming technology.

Friday, October 01, 2004

A picture of cheese. How excellent! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Umm, I found an alien in my backyard. Is anyone missing one?

It replies to "Bob" and "Bob". I was bored, so I tried to teach it pig latin. He got as far as "Ow-hay are-way ou-yay" and then its head turned purple and it started to writhe in agony. I then healed it by feeding it Spam. It thanked me, and then began to disinegrate my front porch. I tould him to stop, but he misinturpreted me and instead began to destroy earth. Now, destroying earth is not a nice thing to do when you first meet a guy. So I decided to send my army of half-mutant hamsters on him. It was a heroic battle, but in the end the hamsters won, as they always do(strong little buggers!) I then stole Bob's spacecraft and began to use it for my own demented purposes. Don't ask what they are, I don't know myself.

As I flew away, the engine died, and I had to replace it with my pair of toenail clippers, which made it twice as fast and three times as smelly. Then I flew home and wrote this blog. And now I am done. How snooglephres.

Just got in and i have to say, COOOL!

well, i have joined the legion of Weirdos, and i have to say, being a weirdo is pretty cool. I get all of the complementary items like ultra hight quality pocet protectors made from ultra high quality ink absorbent cotton....wait that is my nerd not so annonymous group.....well anyway it's great to be here, and though everybody else here will probably hate my posts and think them sinful i will post anyway.
Expect my future posts to be more long and rambly, though they are not garunteed so. Also for those of you whom are stick on such things, i beg you to ignore spelling mistakes, small and big ones. Though i will allow three total posts on my poor spelling which make fun of me to extreme amounts.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hello People (person- if theres only one person)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup? I'm cpuruler master of the new blog
cpunewsmaster where people can find dark tips and tricks about computers. I'll
be periodically posting on legion of weirdos because it reminds me of my old blog at
typepad dot com where I posted stuff and had forums about weird stuff.
Good Luck.

Hello Everybodys

Hello. I am Llama, and I will now also be contributing to this blog.

-Cruel and unusual camp counselor

The End of the End is Nigh!

All these days, I have worried. All these hours, I have waited. But now... now our impending doom's impending doom is sure! Like all true beleivers know, cheese is the basis of common life. Without cheese, we would die out. But it has become clear to me that in the year 2054, the earth's cheese supply would be WIPED OUT by a killer freak virus, codenamed Genghis Kahn. Genghis Kahn was made when scientist accidentally mixed together baking soda and vinigar. It caused an explosion that wiped out the lab crew and broke the bottles that contained the Seven Deadly Diseases. These diseases infused with each other, creating the supervirus Genghis Khan. I have been worrying for years, but now I see a light. In this year, I have studied anti-virusry and found a cure for the deadly virus. I launched it in a satelite and had it sprayed over the earth. Genghis Khan will never exist! Of coure, the cost of the cure was so much, I had to take it from the national security fund. But who will notice?


I hav't been on blogger for a while, but i'm baak! I set up this blog for people that are weird like me to post stuff! Some other guys may be joining soon!